What are the qualities of a photographer ?

27 May 2021


At first glance, the profession of photographer seems to be easy. However, to be a photographer you need to have certain skills and qualities. It is through your own creativity and curiosity that you can be a good photographer. In this article you will discover some of the qualities that make a good photographer.


Even though it is the eye that makes the picture and not the camera, you need technique. You need technique and control to get good shots. First of all, master the composition, the shutter speed, the light sources and the choice of the lens. These are important elements that you must first master to get the best out of them. This is how you can make your shots successful.


Even if you feel you are doing well without training, you must do it. A beginner needs training to sharpen his or her skills. During your training, you will have the opportunity to learn from others. This is how you will build your successes.

The photographer’s eye

The genius of the photographer is in the observation. Therefore, have a keen and curious eye. Carefully observe your daily life. Look for the elements that make up a good picture.  You can make an extraordinary picture out of an ordinary fact. It is your eye that does the work and the camera that completes it.


You can get the best resolution from a sunset if you are patient. Your composure will allow you to get a good view of a street, an animal or an innocuous event. So you need to have plenty of time, to get the framing right. Also try to take pictures from different angles.


Don’t be disappointed on your first attempt. You can improve by trying. Your job should be more valuable to you than your failures. You must cultivate self-confidence and learn to be sociable.


Learn to be rigorous with yourself. You have a goal when you make a catch, so don’t let anything slip through your fingers. Don’t forget any of your tools. Good organisation means keeping a good record of your information.