What are the essential accessories for the travelling photographer ?

24 April 2021


Being a photographer is not just about travelling to take beautiful pictures. The travelling photographer wants to have beautiful pictures in different places.  The passion for the image pushes him to be constantly on the move. We suggest the essential tools for the travelling photographer.

The tripod

The tripod is the tool you pay for after the camera. It is useful for framing your shots and taking care of them. It also allows you to take pictures in inappropriate positions. With a tripod, you can take pictures of yourself or even take pictures at night without a flash.

Memory cards

It is the eyewitness of your adventure. Memory cards allow you to store your shots. We could even say that it is the most important thing, but it is not important without the camera. So make sure you carry them with you, checking them at all times, if possible. You can also adopt several memory cards at once. Carrying a lot of memory cards with you means you won’t lose all your data if it gets damaged.

The pocket printer

This is the accessory that every traveller must carry. It is a material that allows you to admire your daily captures.  With the pocket printer, you can instantly view your photos anywhere. So don’t forget to carry it with you.

The optical add-ons

 You can double the focal length with the lens caps. The traveller enjoys capturing extraordinary views. Optical accessories are therefore indispensable. For example, you can take pictures of places that you cannot get close to.


This is certainly not news to you! For a good life of your camera, you need batteries. If you don’t have a dozen of them with you, have at least one spare. Especially have quality ones so that you are not surprised. 

Protecting your equipment

When travelling, it is imperative to take care of your equipment. Opt for bags and especially small bags. Take care to prevent the accessories from coming into contact with moisture, condensation etc.